Nancy Taylor

Author, Speaker, Bible Teacher

After accepting Christ as my Savior as a child, I remained immature in my faith until I discovered the habit that would transform my life.  I accepted Christ out of a desire to be safe and secure.  I needed the security and peace that God offered and that I lacked as a child of an alcoholic father.  

My dad was a wonderful, fun-loving man when sober, but he drank often and was verbally abusive when he was drunk.  The years of storing up these defeating words in my mind wreaked havoc on me emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

In my last year of college I discovered a whole new world of active Christians that were living out their faith and enjoying it!  I had never experienced that before and I saw something in this group of people that I wanted desperately in my life.  They prayed, read their Bibles, and talked about God working in their lives.  As I became friends with them, I discovered what it meant to grow as a Christian.  I was introduced to new disciplines such as daily devotions, Bible study, prayer journaling, and scripture memorization.  The disciplines were just what I needed, or so it seemed, to gain that safety and security that had eluded me as a child and so the “roller coaster” ride of trying to live out my faith in Christ began.  

I would keep up with these routines for a while, and then a crisis or an event would come along in my life that would interrupt my discipline.  I was in the trap of “all or nothing” thinking.  I believed a lie that said, “Nancy, if you can’t perform perfectly, then just give up!”  

God gently guided me out of this trap by showing me how to grip tightly to the Word of God, and in turn He totally transformed my life providing me with the safety and security I was seeking.  Through hiding God’s Word in my heart I took ownership of the truth that became my sword to cut away the lies I had believed. The truth has produced a wealth of wisdom that is available as I minister to those in need and as I personally experience a deeper, more intimate relationship with Jesus, the Word who became flesh!  The Word is now permanently at H.O.M.E. in my heart. 

Prove the Word was born out of my desire to be transformed by obedience to God's truth.  Proving the Word simply means practically applying the Word of God to real-life circumstances by living the Word, praying the Word over a person or situation, and breaking the silence of lies through speaking the Word in response to whatever life brings your way. 

I love to disciple and mentor young women as I coordinate a mentoring ministry called T.A.G. or Touching Another Generation.  I was the Leadership Training Director for a Christ-centered health ministry, First Place 4 Health for nine years. It was this ministry that spurred me on in my scripture memory journey providing me with many teaching and training opportunities. I have taught weekly Bible studies and discipleship classes and spoken at women’s retreats.  I have had the great honor and opportunity to travel with my husband, the Missions Pastor at Houston’s First Baptist Church, throughout the world to minister to the poor, the widow, the orphan, the prisoner, and the refugee. I love spending time with my adult children and their spouses and of course, my first and only grandchild, Isla Rose.  

I share my story with a deep longing to connect you with the God of hope who faithfully lifted me out of a pit – without dragging me through the mud! – and continually gives me new songs of praise to sing to Him.  This too, can be your story!